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Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Armies travel on their stomachs.” He was right.

Hamilton Hotel Washington DC catering team creates memorable menus for your special event, served up by our dedicated kitchen staff.

Under the direction of award-winning Executive Chef Nezzar Battle, our culinary professionals are able to accommodate nearly any event. Everything from casual business-lunch service, to holiday party buffets, to plated meals for a full ballroom of wedding guests…No bash is too big, no soirée too small. Whatever size or style of event you have in mind, we’re happy to put together a service from any of our chef-driven seasonal menus, or even work with you to create a custom dining experience you and your guests will love.

When booking meetings, weddings, parties, and other gatherings held in any of Hamilton Hotel Washington DC’s many available on-site event spaces, we encourage you to bundle a catering option into your reservation. We’ll happily work with you to determine the best options for the theme, size, and scope of your history-making event.

Catering Menus

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